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IMCDB and Old Truck Models
Published 27/02/2023 @ 21:21:55, By Bray7V2
This a thread that I'm starting to help identify the class codes for older american trucks. As it's something that could be very useful on IMCDB, occasionally I'll post a full declassifying document for anybody to view.
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IMCDB and Old Truck Models
Published 27/02/2023 @ 21:23:23, By Bray7V2
Here's my first guide. The White-Freightliner WFT Model Trucks.

- The White-Freightliner WFT model cabover was introduced in 1958 as a replacement for the original WF-series cabover models. The most notable difference being the lack of a “bubblenose” on the WFT model. The WFT went through several design changes until finally being discontinued in 1976, instead being replaced by the Freightliner FLT. (Essentially just a slightly modified, rebadged version of the WFT) The WFT model comes in several variations, most of which depend on the generation of the truck. The WFT has always been classified using the same system that its parent company White had adopted. (Model, Cab Length, Drive Type, Truck Type) The cab lengths available with the first generation were as follows: 51-Inch, 58-Inch, 63-Inch, 72-Inch, and 81-Inch. The drive types that were available were: 4x2 Chassis (Four wheels, two powered,) 4x2 Tractor, 6x4 Chassis (Six wheels, two powered,) and 6x4 tractor. Here are ALL of the types of trucks that were available in the first generation of the WFT, available for custom order, or right from dealerships:


(Note: I believe that the WFT-8142(T) models were only available upon a custom order. The WFT-5158(42,64, etc) and 58(42,64, etc) are the cab lengths that seemed to be the most uncommon, the sleepers were ABOVE the cab for the 51-Inch types!)

Now the second generation was introduced starting in 1970-1972. The first generation and second were seemingly made together for this span of time, which makes things a heck of a lot more confusing, but I digress. The second generation of trucks introduced all new cab lengths. Only three were available at this time: 63-Inch (Day Cab,) 75-Inch, and 86-Inch. The drive types remained the same as the first generation, although a new type was available via custom order: 6x2 Chassis, and 6x2 Tractor. (Six wheels, two powered) The models available in the second generation were:


(Note: Again, the 86-Inch cabs with the 4x2 chassis are just as rare as the 81-Inch counterparts. The 6x2 chassis trucks are just as rare. Interestingly, the 86-Inch cab was the default cab length for the second generation WFT models.)

The easiest features to spot on the second generation of trucks is that they have taller cabs that sit higher on the chassis, and they have larger windshields compared to the first generation.

Now here’s the fun part; identifying ALL of the WFT models listed on IMCDB. (This took several months by the way, especially whilst in school.) Years will NOT be identified, mainly because it would take way too much time, and it would crush my sanity. (If I have any left after this.)

Some things to note before reading:
Trucks that are not mentioned in this list are listed correctly.
I will write notes next to the truck’s identified name if there’s anything important about them.
Some of these are guesses! Mostly trucks with visible cab types, with chassis that aren’t visible.

First are trucks that I couldn’t identify due to lack of visible features, or are just too generic and only slightly resemble a WFT. (Notably in animation.) These should probably just remain as is: - This truck resembles a second generation WFT-8664T. But I think it’s too generic to classify specifically.

Next are first generation models. Some of these are hard to classify due to the weird angles, so some of these need more pictures to confirm. I’ll describe what they are next to a link to their page right here: - WFT-6342T - WFT-7264T - Hard to tell, but I think it’s a WFT-7264T - WFT-6342T - Another hard one to tell, WFT-5842T maybe. - WFT-5842T - WFT-6342T - WFT-7264T - WFT-8164T? (Dual headlights which are odd.) - WFT-7242T - WFT-5842T - WFT-8164 (Due to lack of upfit view, I’m leaving the tractor out) - WFT-7264T - WFT-7242T - WFT-7264 (Again, upfit isn’t visible, chassis only) - Odd view, maybe a WFT-8164T. - WFT-6364T - WFT-8164T - WFT-6342T - WFT-8142T - WFT-8164T) - Lack of rear window means it’s an 81-Inch model. I’m going to assume a WFT-8164. (Not guessing the upfit, so again, no tractor suffix.) - No sleeper window, plus dual headlights. Later model, WFT-7242T. - WFT-6342T - WFT-8164T - WFT-7242T - 81-Inch cab, assuming it’s a WFT-8164T. (Drive isn’t visible, but it’s pulling a trailer, so it’s a tractor.) - WFT-8164T - WFT-8142T - WFT-8142T - WFT-7264T - WFT-8164T - WFT-7264T? - WFT-8164T? - WFT-7264T - WFT-5842T - WFT-8164T - WFT-7264T Maybe? - WFT-6242T - WFT-7264T - WFT-8164T - WFT-8142T? - WFT-7264T - WFT-7264T - WFT-7242T - WFT-8164T - WFT-8164T - WFT-7264 (Tanker upfit, not a tractor, so no “T” suffix.) - WFT-8164T - WFT-8164T - WFT-8164T - WFT-7264T - WFT-6364T - WFT-8142T - WFT-6364T? - WFT-63(?)T - Chassis isn’t seen that good, so I’m guessing. WFT-6364T - WFT-8164T - WFT-5842T - WFT-6364T - WFT-8164T - WFT-6342T - WFT-63(?)T - Again, guessing a WFT-6364T - WFT-6342T - WFT-7264T - WFT-7264T? - Another one I sort of guessed. - WFT-7264T? - Same as the previous one. - WFT-7242T - WFT-5864 - (Livestock upfit, no tractor suffix) - WFT-6364 - (Upfit not visible) - WFT-7264T - WFT-5842T - WFT-7264T? - I also guessed on this one. - WFT-6342T - (Missing tractor suffix) - WFT-7242T - WFT-7242T - (Listed with a second generation cab type, 75-Inch was not available) - WFT-8164T

Here’s the second part of the WFT I classified. All of those featured below are second generation trucks starting around 1970. Same rules apply as the ones above. - WFT-6342T - WFT-8664T - Hard to tell, 86-cab was default so I am going to assume this one is as well. - WFT-8664T - WFT-6364T - WFT-7542T - WFT-7242T - (Rebadged 1st Generation WFT) - WFT-8664T - WFT-8664T - WFT-8664T - Another one that I guessed. The owner apparently has an IMCDB account but hasn’t posted a picture of it yet. - WFT-6364T - WFT-6364T - (Custom add-on sleeper) - Freightliner FLT - This isn’t even a WFT, it’s a Freightliner product. - WFT-7542T - WFT-8664T - WFT-7542T - WFT-8664T - WFT-7564T - WFT-7564T - WFT-8664T - WFT-6364T - WFT-7542T - WFT-8664T - WFT-8664T - WFT-8664T - WFT-6364T - Freightliner FLT - Very popular paintjob it seems. Incorrectly listed as a WFT model. - WFT-8664T - WFT-7564T - Freightliner FLT - (Incorrectly Listed) - WFT-6364T - WFT-8664T - WFT-8664T - WFT-6364T - Freightliner FLT - (Incorrectly Listed) - WFT-7564T? - I guessed again on this one. - WFT-8664T - WFT-7564T - WFT-8664 - (Tow Truck Upfit, No Tractor Suffix) - WFT-8664 - (Tanker Upfit, Again, No Tractor Suffix) - Freightliner FLT - (Incorrectly Listed) - WFT-8664T - WFT-6364 (Tanker Upfit) - WFT-6364T - WFT-7542T - WFT-7564T? - WFT-6364T - WFT-8664T - WFT-6364T - WFT-8664T - WFT-8664T - WFT-7564T - WFT-7564T - WFT-8664T - Freightliner FLT - (Incorrectly Listed) - WFT-6364T - WFT-8664T - WFT-8664T - WFT-8664T - WFT-7464T - WFT-8664T - WFT-8664T - WFT-8664T - WFT-7542T - WFT-8664T - WFT-8664T - Freightliner FLT - (Incorrectly Listed) - WFT-7264T - This is a 1st Generation WFT, so it wouldn’t have a 2nd Generation cab. - WFT-8664T - WFT-8664T - WFT-8664T - (Missing Tractor Suffix) - WFT-8664T - (Also Missing Tractor Suffix)

And there we go! That’s all of them I think! If there’s anything I missed I will definitely do a re-read in the near future. Other than that, I’m pretty sure that we can consider the WFT category “completed.”
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IMCDB and Old Truck Models
Published 28/02/2023 @ 08:31:31, By antp
Thanks for the list, I'll update these when I've some time.
Why not rather posting a comment on each vehicle page? The downside of a list here is that if later someone else posts a comment on the truck page suggesting to change the model name, we don't know who/how it got identified.
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IMCDB and Old Truck Models
Published 06/03/2023 @ 12:07:34, By antp
All updated
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