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Fast & Furious P3
Published 27/02/2024 @ 16:17:00, By POn
I remember seeing someone mention no one cares about the Forums so here's me caring about the Forums. Also, the Forums are quicker than the comments.
Fast Five
1978 MCI MC-9. right here.
1997 Volkswagen Kombi Pick-Up. simillar one here.
1998 Ford Contour LX. Thank you, Terra.
1998 Volkswagen New Beetle. Pre-facelift side markers w/ spoiler & no turbo badge.
1999 Ford Windstar LX. Thank you, Terra.
2003 Toyota Corolla. Pre-facelift tail lamps.
2004 BMW 525i. pre-facelift bumper.
2009 Honda CRF 280M. USDM.
2010 Ford GT 40 Replica. found it!
2010 Hyundai Elantra Blue. Facelift grill & lack of fog lamps.
2011 Dodge Charger Pre-production. Production began in November of 2010 and filming ended in August.
Furious 6
1983 Ford Sierra.
1983 Land-Rover 110.
1985 Mercedes-Benz. here is another ‘85 without the bull bars.
1985 Volkswagen Jetta No CHMSL.
1990 Suzuki Carry Reused footage from Tokyo Drift.
1991 Mitsubishi Space Wagon Pre-facelift headlamps.
1992 Volvo 850 Thank Kagamihara Nadeshiko
1994 Citroën ZX Volcane 1.9 Turbo D. 1.9 spoiler & facelift tail lamps.
1994 Volkswagen Golf III GTI Edition 2.0 8V. Thank you ThomasTDI.
1995 Nissan Cedric Original Reused footage from Tokyo Drift.
1995 Suzuki Baleno Thank Ken S.
1996 BMW 318i. If the EU-Spec non M3 E36 sedan follows the same timeline as the USDM it's a 1996-1999 because EU cars rarely use model years & the trim above the license plate is colored.
1999 Dennis Trident II Plaxton President.
1999 Peugeot 306 Facelift headlamps with clear fender signals.
1999 Volkswagen Bora.
pre-Facelift tail lamps.
2002 Seat Córdoba.
2004 Yamaha XJ 6.
2007 Porsche 911 GT2.
2008 Harley-Davidson XR 1200 X.
2010 Ducati Monster 1100 EVO.
2010 Ram Heavy Duty. MY2013 models did not go into production until early 2013 and filming ended in December 2012.
2013 Lucra LC470.
Furious 7
1979 Mack Mid-Liner MS. Thank you RedBoy9199
1988 BMW 735i. USDM w/ I6 grill.
2000 Freightliner Century Class. 2000-2004 to be exact, here's a 1996-1999.
2000 Freightliner Columbia.
2001 BMW M3.
2004 Toyota Crown Comfort. XP30 bB turn signals.
2008 Dodge Viper SRT-10. Hood implies 4th gen Coupe.
2011 Dodge Avenger. Facelift grill.
2011 Infiniti M. Grill belongs to either a 2011-2013 M / 2014 Q70.
2013 Ford Flex SE. Body color mirror caps.
2013 Nissan Sentra. Thank you, Terra.

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Fast & Furious P3
Published 27/02/2024 @ 19:58:20, By antp
Here is a copy/paste of what I posted on the other thread, since you seem to ignore it:

Stop making threads like that.
There is one named "non-unidentified" on the General section where one can report the missed comments. And if there is no comment about a missing info, just post it directly on the site.

Also, the Forums are quicker than the comments.

That's not how the site works. Comments on the site serve as history of why the car was named like that, and allows others to comment on the same info.

Latest Edition: 27/02/2024 @ 19:59:14
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